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By Michelle Ja Ling If you’re in need of an accountant in Malaysia, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we give you a list of the top firms for accountants in Malaysia and exactly why we think they’re the best. …

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Best Medical Cards in Malaysia

Medical Cards

By Yusuf bin Rahman We can’t control when a loved one falls sick or gets injured but we can make sure that if that happens, we’re going to be backed up by an insurance plan. This is why having a medical card is …

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Raiz vs StashAway

Raiz VS StashAway

Anyone who uses investment platforms knows about Raiz and StashAway. They’re two well-known platforms, specifically for the help they provide beginners in the investment industry. When you’re one of those beginners and you get stuck choosing between these two, it can be quite …

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Raiz VS Wahed

Raiz VS Wahed

If you’ve recently been researching the best investment platforms, then there’s a good chance you’ve come across Raiz and Wahed. And since you’re here, you’ve boiled all the investment platforms down to these two and you’re stuck! As a starting investor, it’ll be …

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Best Fixed Deposits in Malaysia

Fixed Deposit

In the world of finance, there’s always going to be so much to learn when it comes to growing your money. If you’re new to investing, you’ve probably just heard about fixed deposits. Diving head into investing can be scary so it’s normal …

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Best Debt Consolidation Companies in Malaysia

Debt Consolidation

Loans are one of the biggest stressors in just about anyone’s life and the worst thing is we can’t avoid them. It can be tricky managing the payment of all these different types of loans that you have, especially when you’re too busy …

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